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Chocoloate Fountain
Azure Wedding and Event Planners can now offer a Chocolate Fountain for hire.
Providing you with an amazing focal point and giving you an unforgettable experiece that will have everyone remembering your special event.
The sight of warm, flowing chocolate fountain with a tantalising aroma will touch all of your senses inviting you to chocolate heaven.
Azure provides a unique and professional service for weddings, functions
and corporate events.
Our chocelite fountains are made from stainless steel and stand 44”s high (Large Fountain), having a heated core from which molten chocolate slowly erupts over the top
and just keeps flowing.
By dipping delectable items such as strawberries, cookies and pretzels into the chocolate fountain, your passion for chocolate will be satisfied — over and over again
On the night the Chocolate Fountain will be presented on a full LED Box and served with our excellent operators in full uniform.
The price also includes napkins, plates and skewers

For further information and bookings please contact or telephone 07856060317.